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Phonebook Backup Solution updated version 1.4.28 launched
電話「保」更新版1.4.28 android軟件推出

27 April 2011

Phonebook backup is an easy-to-use phonebook backup solution to simply backup your contacts to your personal email account. Just one single click, you can restore contacts from your email.

Key Features:
- Single click to backup your contacts to email address
- Optional to enable/disable backup contact photos
- Single click on email contact attachments to restore contacts
- Allow to remove phonebook contacts
- Detailed backup histories
- Shared contacts among iPhone, iPad and Androids Devices


- 簡單一按便能將您的電話聯絡人資訊備份到個人電子郵箱上。
- 可選擇備份聯絡人照片。
- 簡單一按備份電郵附件即能載入或合併單個或全部電話聯絡人。
- 備有簡易清除電話簿功能。
- 詳細備份記錄。
- 可於iPhone, iPad 及Androids 之間分享電話聯絡人資料。

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