Mobile Instant Message

Developed by Mofinity, mIm is a total Instant Messenging solution for your PC or Mobile devises. mIm is easy and simple to use. Simply log in with your WAP phone, you can communicate with MSN Messenger™, or Yahoo! Messenger® users. mIm allows the exchange of instant messages in real time and cost effective way. It especially good and convenient to use for business trips!

It's easy. No need to download and install. Simply register and you will get a free account!

If you don't have a MSN Messenger™, or Yahoo! Messenger® account, click the links below to register one.

Apply MSN Messenger® / Apply Yahoo! Messenger™

Key elements:

  • Free, no cost to use mIm
  • Low data cost
  • MSN and Yahoo talk in mIm
  • no cost per message
  • lower your IDD costs
  • Real-time messages
  • Presence management

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