Mobile Office Solution

Developed by Mofinity Limited, MOS is a complete wireless solution that enables wireless business transactions and easy access to real time information securely. MOS integrate your handheld device with backend database, email & document servers and CRM/ERP applications which provides users to do business anytime and anywhere. MOS is a tool for effective communication by creating a seamless flow of data throughout the organization. MOS can streamline business process by bringing the business applications to everyday use with low cost and effort.

MOS comprises four modules, which are:

  Read push email & document
  Order taking and inventory checking
  Total mobile data backup solution
  Send email to SMS

Why MOS?

Nowadays, the world is a world of digital communication and the internet – as always connected. The value of enterprise mobility is measurable in terms of more orders can be picked, lower stock level need to be maintained and lower unfulfilled orders. Hence, mobility allows users to access real time data anytime, anywhere and thus streamlining business process and most of all, creating competitive advantage.

MOS is a comprehensive mobile solution which provides real-time and synchronized environments to develop enterprises' mobility. MOS supports a wide range of mobile devices like Palm, Java phones and PocketPC and contemporary information system. MOS seamlessly integrates mobile devices with back end system and is designed to operate and support mobile applications with security.

Users will enjoy the convenience and flexibility of working hours while outside office, as well as constantly stay connected with up to date information. MOS can help you to manage you business easier and become a wise decision maker.

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