M-Office Push Email Edition

Mobile Office Solution
PUSH Email Edition

Business today is getting mobile. Real time access to information while you and your team are outside office can certainly increase the competitive edge. Developed by Mofinity, M-office offers push-based email access to POP, IMAP, Microsoft exchange and Lotus Dominos accounts. When important emails come, it will be PUSHED automatically to your mobile and alerts you, meaning that new email is always ready for you.

M-office is secure, reliable and cost effective.

Integrate with corporate email and documentation systems. When you are outside office, you can enjoy the mobility by using Pocket PC or mobile phone with wireless data network accessibility to access email and view document on desktop securely. It assists you to stay connected with the world and take care of your business easier while you are away from the working place.

M-Office PUSH email edition does not keep any copy of user's email. An end-to-end secure email tunnel is built directly from user mobile devices to their own email server. M-Office is simple, secure and cost effective for users to access critical information, including email, calendar, contacts and tasks from mobile devices.

M-Office solution WAP/WEB Edition

M-Office also offers WAP/WEB edition which provides a WEB/WAP based interface for user to access emails and corporate documents. It offers user to view document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF) in general mobile devices. The solution built in User Agent Detection can detect the user's mobile devices specification and wrap the content to fit the mobile screen. When user views a document, he/she simply scrolls down to read it line by line. The solution also provides the flexibility for user to send those documents through email or print those documents to a nearby facsimile. No need to install, simply do a one-step setup and you can enjoy the freedom of secure mobility!


  • Stay connected with up to date information
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Supports a wide variety of hand held devices
  • Highly secured environment
  • Flexibility of working hours

Key Features:

  • Integrate to company's exchange server and documentation server.
  • View corporate documents, emails, calendar, contacts and tasks.
  • SMS prompting on new email.
  • Remote read and compose email and view email attachments.
  • Remote access documents files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat from documentation server.
  • Convert email attachment to HTML format, which will in turn save your time and data costs.
  • Remote control to print documents to any facsimile machine.

M-Office is available to corporate or individual user. For request of more information, please email us at info@mofinity.com.

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