Network Monitoring Solution

Developed by Mofinity Limited, NetMon is a complete Switch Monitoring and Diagnostic solution that gives service providers total visibility of and access to their telecom switching systems. NetMon includes a host of fault-management functions, such as trunk performance analysis, fraud detection and verification.

To help service providers plan their networks and enhance their services, NetMon can provide real time information on traffic statistics and trends. It helps you to understand and know your customers behavior so that you can run your business more efficient and competitive.

Key Features:

  • Trunk performance report on number of calls attended, call attended successful rate, utilization rate, calls allocation rate (ALOC), traffic Erlang, Total Minutes, Average Call Duration and average answer delay for each trunk and by countries
  • Fraud detection function which display yellow and red alarm to alert operators
  • Play sound function to alert engineers when errors are detected
  • CDR tracking report which provide fault tracing, user specified record tracing and calling pattern etc.
  • Colorful charts illustration report on performance statistic and customer usage trends

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